[SciPy-user] Custom tolerance estimate for odeint

Adam Reichold adam.reichold@mailbox.tu-dresden...
Mon May 4 08:42:06 CDT 2009

I am a physics student and I am currently using scipy for a lecture project.

I would like to integrate some ODE using my own "tolerance function," meaning 
the neccessary stepwidth should not be estimated based on the standard error 
approximation used in LSODE, but rather using a function that I pass to 
odeint. Is that possible? I did not find any word on that in the 
documentation. Maybe someone could give me a hint.

Best regards,

P.S.: Maybe this clears it up a bit more: I am integrating an ODE describing a 
physical problem and I want to use things like conservation of energy or 
momentum as a tolerance. Meaning I want to use the error of energy 
conservation to control the stepwidth.

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