[SciPy-user] Force a smooth spline through data points?

Zachary Pincus zachary.pincus@yale....
Sat May 9 07:20:04 CDT 2009

> Is it possible to force a smoothed spline  
> (scipy.interpolate.splrep() or the parametric version) through  
> specific data points?  I am basically trying to draw a smooth curve  
> with certain data points that must be included while other (less  
> critical) points need only to be smoothed per the norm.  Thanks in  
> advance.

First off, are the results unsatisfactory when you just force the  
spline to interpolate all data points (s=0)?

If so, then perhaps the best bet is to weight the points (w  
parameter): give the critical points some very high weight and the  
noncritical points a lower weight. Presumably if the critical-point- 
weight is high enough, you should get pretty much exact interpolation  
for those points even with a nonzero smoothing parameter.


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