[SciPy-User] Weierstrass and Jacobi

Karl Young karl.young@ucsf....
Mon Nov 9 15:05:49 CST 2009

Sorry for the dumb question (but some of you know me by now !). I was 
able to stumble around and solve a differential equation I was working 
on in terms of Weierstrass elliptic functions (though an open source 
type of guy I have to thank Wolfram re. wloframalpha for help with 
that...). I'd like to evaluate the function for various sets of 
parameters and found that the special functions package for scipy has 
Jacobi elliptic functions available. I seem to recall that the 
Weierstrass elliptic functions are special cases of the Jacobi elliptic 
functions but haven't been able to locate any source that describes that 
in any detail. Anyone have any hints ? Thanks,

-- Karl

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