[SciPy-User] Is there a Win 64bit version?

Kevin Ar18 kevinar18@hotmail....
Thu Nov 12 22:28:17 CST 2009

> So far, no. NumPy is relatively easy to build yourself I think, see:
> 	http://mail.scipy.org/pipermail/numpy-discussion/2008-December/039230.html
My version of MSVC only compiles to 32bit (it's free after all).
This only makes me wish more that CLANG C++ support was complete and it could be used to compile all Python modules on the fly in Windows. :)

Oh, wait, I need a Fortran compiler?  What are my options?

> SciPy a little less so, thanks to the mess created by the Fortran  
> situation on Windows. As of June 2009, SciPy could be compiled with  
> gfortran-mingw but would crash randomly, and there had been no success  
> in debugging why.
> 	http://mail.scipy.org/pipermail/numpy-discussion/2009-June/043571.html
> I'd suggest using 32-bit Python/NumPy/SciPy unless you really need it.

I only need Numpy -- which from what I am seeing may be possible to do?
As for going back to 32bit, well that would be kind of a mess.  I've have to figure out what to do with my current Python install, then I'd have to re-install the other Python modules I need, etc....  It's possible, I guess if there is no other option.

Here's what I am currently using:
Vista 64bit
Python 2.6.4 64bit
so, I need one for Python 2.6.4 64bit
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