[SciPy-User] Is there a Win 64bit version?

Kevin Ar18 kevinar18@hotmail....
Thu Nov 12 23:09:18 CST 2009

> > I only need Numpy -- which from what I am seeing may be possible to do?
> If you have a processor that supports Intel VT-X or AMD-V technology, 
> you can always download Sun VirtualBox for free (PUEL license) and 
> install a 64-bit Linux or OpenSolaris on it.
Yeah, "personal use" wouldn't work.  It's really more trouble to setup an entirely new system for it all.


Basically, I have Python like I want it right now and just wanted to add another module which required numpy.  If I can't get a numpy for 64bit, I can alway install Python 32bit and then re-install the extra modules/add-ons that I've added to it; but, of course, that's probably also gonna take some time to do.


Still, I do want to thank you all for trying to help out.  I do appreciate it. :)
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