[SciPy-User] Is there a Win 64bit version?

Sturla Molden sturla@molden...
Thu Nov 12 23:11:03 CST 2009

Kevin Ar18 skrev:
> Anyways, I want to ask an off topic question....
> Does this CRT issue only apply because Python itself was compiled in MSVC?
You always have to link extensions with the same C runtime as Python, 
otherwise bad things might happen.

To be precise: you cannot share resources between different CRTs. E.g. 
you cannot fopen a FILE* with one CRT and fread on the FILE* with another.

If you link with a different CRT than Python, a function like 
numpy.fromfile can mess up badly.

> In theory, would it be possible to eventually create a version of 
> Python that compiled in Clang (after it finishes C++ support), and 
> thus, be able to eventually also compile modules like numpy in Clang?  
> Or does the problem go much deeper (unrelated to Python)?
I don't know which libraries clang link. But very likely ... if you want 
to build NumPy with clang, you also have to build Python with clang.

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