[SciPy-User] For DavidC, relevant to Windoze in general: BLAS/LAPACK installer

Sturla Molden sturla@molden...
Fri Nov 13 16:10:13 CST 2009

David Goldsmith skrev:
> Also, it indicates that Goto is BLAS-only - is this all I need for a 
> viable build of scipy from source?)  Thanks!
The heavy lifiting in LAPACK is delegated to BLAS. So if you build 
LAPACK against ATLAS or GotoBLAS,  LAPACK  does not tend to be the 

Both ATLAS and GotoBLAS reimplements some routines from LAPACK. But they 
will not give you a full LAPACK.

To avoid LAPACK overshadowing LAPACK routines in GotoBLAS, see this:


MKL has both LAPACK and BLAS, but it is very expensive. I don't know if 
Intel has reimplemented LAPACK, but that would surprise me, as it would 
suffice to make a fast BLAS.

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