[SciPy-User] For DavidC, relevant to Windoze in general: BLAS/LAPACK installer

Sturla Molden sturla@molden...
Fri Nov 13 16:16:19 CST 2009

David Warde-Farley skrev:
> I'm afraid I have no clue about building on Windows, sorry. If you get  
> it working, document your steps so we can put it on the website (I'm  
> pretty sure the version on the wiki/in SVN now are out of date).

At least ATLAS needs to be built using Cygwin, which is a PITA. And from 
what I know, there is no 64 bit support in Cygwin either, so we always 
end up with a 32 bit ATLAS.

And considering that GotoBLAS is claimed to speed up Matlab (ATLAS or 
MKL being defaults), the choise is not difficult...


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