[SciPy-User] For DavidC, relevant to Windoze in general: BLAS/LAPACK installer

Sturla Molden sturla@molden...
Fri Nov 13 16:44:47 CST 2009

David Goldsmith skrev:
> Thanks, both, sounds like Goto is the way to go unless David C. still 
> has/supports his MSI for BLAS for Windoze.  (Speeding up Matlab isn't 
> an issue for me - except to the extent that it implies speeding up 
> numpy/scipy - as I've committed myself to eventually 
> converting/refactoring all my old Matlab code to Python and its 
> modules.) :-)
GotoBLAS will speed up linear algebra computation with NumPy and SciPy, 
and it is trivial to build. The catch is that GotoBLAS is only free for 
personal or academic use.
Note that most use of NumPy or SciPy do not involve heavy use of LAPACK, 
and the computational bottleneck tends to be in the creation of 
temporary arrays, not in CPU-intensive computation.

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