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I've talked about it in this mailing list before, but yesterday I finally
made the first alpha release of my open-source Python scientific computing
project, GarlicSim. Check it out:


It is a Pythonic framework for working with simulations. Check out the page,
also there is a yet-incomplete
it, which goes more in-depth.

My first priority right now is getting users and building a community around
it, so I'd be available to help people to write their simulation packages
and solve problems. Early users will have this benefit, and additionally
will have more effect on the evolution of the software. So if you do any
work with simulations, drop me a mail, and I can help you use GarlicSim.

Also, I have a question. Up to now I've been supporting Python 2.4 through
3.1 with my project. Supporting 2.4 has been a real burden; I created a
separate fork for it, because I don't want to limit my entire project to
2.4. (I love context managers, for example.) I'm considering dropping
support for 2.4.

The question is, how many people in the scientific Python community still
use 2.4? Is it worth supporting?

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