[SciPy-User] [Fwd: Re: ANN: SfePy 2009.4]

Robert Cimrman cimrman3@ntc.zcu...
Fri Nov 27 02:08:44 CST 2009

Hi Chris,

thanks for trying sfepy!

Let's discuss this at sfepy-devel, or, if you do not want to register there, 
write me personally, this is IMHO rather off-topic for the scipy-user list.

S. Chris Colbert wrote:
> I'm getting all sorts of errors trying to run sfepy tests and examples:

Can you copy & paste the output and send it to me? I wonder what errors you get.

> It builds fine. 
> But I fail one of the solvers test because of a bug with OpenMPI (whichever 
> solver is using Petsc4py which btw, is not listed as a dependency).

Yes, PETSc (with Petsc4py) are optional packages, used only by 
test_linear_solvers.py test file. It should not fail, however, only skip the test.

> The schroedinger example runs, but produces erroneous output (~300% error). 
> The poisson and valec examples produce error results.  
> System specs:
> Kubuntu 9.10 x64
> Self built/easy_insall:
> Numpy 1.3.0
> Scipy 0.7.1 
> Newest umfpack scikit
> Newest Petsc4Py
> pytables 
> from the repos:
> hdf5-serial 
> openmpi 1.6.6
> pysparse
> Any help would be awesome!

I will gladly help you, but I need more information - could you send me 
(off-list) the full outputs of the simulations that do not work, or produce 
error results? Also attach the solution files if you find it necessary.


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