[SciPy-User] BivariateSpline examples and my crashing python

Kalle kalle-test@gmx...
Sat Nov 28 13:19:42 CST 2009

Hello Josef,

josef.pktd@gmail.com schrieb:
> I wanted to prepare some examples for the use of the Bivariate Spline classes,
> The second part of the attached script contains a translation of a
> scipy.tutorial example to using the 3 classes instead.
> Can someone run the script, preferably not in an interpreter where you
> want to keep your session alive?

your Script runs fine here under Windows XP SP3 with python 2.5.4, scipy 
0.7.1, matplotlib (WX Backend) and numpy 1.2.1

There is only one warning, which might come from makeLSQspline i guess...

Thanks for the example BTW,


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