[SciPy-User] memoryError when i have plenty of available ram

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Thu Oct 1 05:53:43 CDT 2009

Gustaf Nilsson wrote:
> yeah im aware of the 2 gb limit, and i expect to upgrade to 64bit (w7)
> next month...
> still, my program doesnt even get close to that before the memoryError.

Depending on the action, it may be a bug in the called function, or the
function is just memory hungry (it can also be a reference count error
somewhere, but let's hope it won't go to that).

> Hey you are in kyoto? ive spent a few months in the north of kyoto
> (matsugasaki/kuramaguchi)

Yes, still in Kyoto, in the north as well - but not as far as kurama (I
am still in the city, in Demachiyanagi near kyodai). Sakura in Kyoto is
nice :)



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