[SciPy-User] memoryError when i have plenty of available ram

Yosef Meller yosefmel@post.tau.ac...
Thu Oct 1 09:01:01 CDT 2009

On יום חמישי 01 אוקטובר 2009 13:08:42 Gustaf Nilsson wrote:
> yeah im aware of the 2 gb limit, and i expect to upgrade to 64bit (w7) next
> month...
> still, my program doesnt even get close to that before the memoryError.
> Will see if i can make a small script that does the same thing when i get
> home fron work tonight.

Maybe a memory fragmentation issue: if you're trying to allocate contiguous 
arrays that are larger than the largest set of contiguous free pages, the OS 
will fail even if you have memory.

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