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This is not directly related to SciPy; I'm posting it here because I figure
that there may be people here who know the scientific computing world enough
to help me with my question.

I've been working on an open-source scientific computing project for about 6
months now, and I've come to the conclusion that it's about time to find
other users except myself for it, so I may get valuable feedback about which
direction I should be taking this project.

The project is called GarlicSim (http://garlicsim.com). It's a Pythonic
platform for working with simulations. You may read more about it on the
webpage. In short, it's a very general framework for creating, running and
analyzing simulations. It's not specific to any scientific field; Its role
is to provide a general mold into which all simulations can be cast. If you
want to know more about it you can also read a (yet-incomplete)

So what I want to know is, who would be good potential first users for this,
and how could I reach them?
I'm not even sure which scientific field I would like to target, so please

Ram Rachum
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