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Hi Ram,

I quickly read through your intro doc, I think you've explained your 
idea quite well.

One remarks though: I think your framework would fit well to time-domain 
(transient) models. But at this moment I don't see how you could cast a 
frequency domain simulation (commonly used in EM solvers) in it. I'd be 
careful with the idea that 'all simulations' fit into this.

What I think is key to success of this kind of framework is how well it 
handles the 'bureaucracy' of performing simulations (and speed, but 
you've already mentioned that the actual number crunching is up to the 
user of the GarlicSim). With this, I mean the boring stuff, like e.g.:

* keeping track of which parameters vary between simulations
* extracting data from a set of simulations as a function of one of 
these parameters
* storing (and backing up) simulation results without taking up too much 
space and needing to invent unique and descriptive file names
* being able to redo a simulation (storing simulation parameters with 
* making simulation reports
* comparing results with real-world data
* for long simulations, being able to continue simulation after a crash

Just my 2 cents

Best regards


cool-RR wrote:
> Hello,
> This is not directly related to SciPy; I'm posting it here because I 
> figure that there may be people here who know the scientific computing 
> world enough to help me with my question.
> I've been working on an open-source scientific computing project for 
> about 6 months now, and I've come to the conclusion that it's about time 
> to find other users except myself for it, so I may get valuable feedback 
> about which direction I should be taking this project.
> The project is called GarlicSim (http://garlicsim.com 
> <http://garlicsim.com/>). It's a Pythonic platform for working with 
> simulations. You may read more about it on the webpage. In short, it's a 
> very general framework for creating, running and analyzing simulations. 
> It's not specific to any scientific field; Its role is to provide a 
> general mold into which all simulations can be cast. If you want to know 
> more about it you can also read a (yet-incomplete) introduction 
> <http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1927707/Introduction%20to%20GarlicSim.doc> to 
> it.
> So what I want to know is, who would be good potential first users for 
> this, and how could I reach them?
> I'm not even sure which scientific field I would like to target, so 
> please suggest.
> Thanks,
> Ram Rachum
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