[SciPy-User] a small example of scipy.ndimage.map_coordinates

denis denis-bz-gg@t-online...
Fri Oct 9 08:46:13 CDT 2009


On pydocweb:
    thanks, but Django ?!
    Despite the nice pydocweb/doc/installation.rst,
    what are the chances that a dummy
    (me, old guy raised on paper doc with no install)
    could install Django, get through pages of setup,
    and live to tell the tale ?
    I just prefer minimal packages to big ones -- Django, Enthought --
    with an avalanche of requires.
    rest-to-html > my.html, refresh my.html in the browser is not
realtime, but.

On Markdown:
    although I (old guy) dislike most GUIs, I've gotton to like
    the Markdown editor in mechanicalkern / stackoverflow.
    Once you get used to realtime, you want it;
    and the half-dozen buttons for \<code> etc are good.
    Look at a stackoverflow discussion vs one in gmail -- form does
affect function.

It's still not clear to me how mechanicalkern -> mainline scipy doc
will work,
perhaps a new thread on that in scipy-dev ?

  -- denis

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