[SciPy-User] a small example of scipy.ndimage.map_coordinates

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Fri Oct 9 13:48:45 CDT 2009

On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 3:46 PM, denis <denis-bz-gg@t-online.de> wrote:

> Folks,
> On pydocweb:
>    thanks, but Django ?!
>    Despite the nice pydocweb/doc/installation.rst,
>    what are the chances that a dummy
>    (me, old guy raised on paper doc with no install)
>    could install Django, get through pages of setup,
>    and live to tell the tale ?
>    I just prefer minimal packages to big ones -- Django, Enthought --
>    with an avalanche of requires.
>    rest-to-html > my.html, refresh my.html in the browser is not
> realtime, but.
> Well you're asking for a local version of a very nice web app with a lot of
features. Getting similar functionality with a minimal package is not very
likely to happen.

> On Markdown:
>    although I (old guy) dislike most GUIs, I've gotton to like
>    the Markdown editor in mechanicalkern / stackoverflow.
>    Once you get used to realtime, you want it;
>    and the half-dozen buttons for \<code> etc are good.
>    Look at a stackoverflow discussion vs one in gmail -- form does
> affect function.
> It's still not clear to me how mechanicalkern -> mainline scipy doc
> will work,
> perhaps a new thread on that in scipy-dev ?

mechanicalkern is a Q&A site, pydocweb is a wiki - that's a fundamental
difference. Once a Q&A thread concludes and the best answer fits into the
docs, it can just be copied over to the wiki.

Who does this and when is not very well defined. Nor is this very easy to


> cheers
>   -- denis
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