[SciPy-User] Suggestion for numpy.genfromtxt documentation

Pierre GM pgmdevlist@gmail....
Mon Oct 12 11:56:31 CDT 2009

You'll be happy to learn that I am working on some additional docs for  
genfromtxt. I introduced some new features (`filling_values`,  
`skip_footer`), deprecated some others (`missing` should be  
`missing_values`, `skip_row` should be `skip_header`), modified how  
some of the arguments worked (`missing_values` doesn't have to be a  
dictionary any more), to such an extent that it may get overwhelming  
for a new user. Moreover, trying to fit every single  bit of  
information in the docstring of the function is maybe a tad counter- 
So, expect some kind of draft in a few days. I'm not sure where to put  
it yet (probably right in `numpy/doc`) nor to how to point to it. I'll  
let our doc specialists decide what to do.

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