[SciPy-User] loading mat file in scipy

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Tue Oct 20 12:24:31 CDT 2009


> I have recently tried to use scipy.io.loadmat() to load a mat file to
> python.
> The mat file is a complicated nested structure in matlab. It turned out
> that it takes a long time (around 5 min) to load this data the size of
> which is around 120MB.
> On the other hand it take only a couple of seconds to load it in Matlab.
> What is wrong with loadmat in scipy?

What version of scipy do you have?  There was a performance bug I put
in for 0.7 and removed for 0.7.1.

If you are using 0.7.1, then maybe you can let me have a look at your
file somehow - maybe by sharing a dropbox folder?

Thanks a lot,


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