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I am new to Python and the SciPy libraries and I was wondering if someone could help me with the following.

Given the following x and y : values

x_list = [33,              56,     56.00000000002,       147,    238,    329,    420,    511,    602,    693,    791]

y_list = [0.99974,    0.99949,            0.99949,   0.99816,0.99631,0.99383,0.99043,0.98610,0.98078,0.97460,0.96704]

I want to use a Natural Cubic Spline in order to determine the points at the following values:

interp_x_points    = [31,62,92,123,153,184,215,243,274,304,335,365,396,427,457,488,518,549,580,608,639,669,700] 

I have looked through the documentation and have had a tough time determining the correct syntax or which function to use.

I was wondering what would be the SciPy syntax for the following:
Also, does scipy have the ability to extrapolate if a give X value is outside a specified range?
In this example, please notice interp_x_poiints has a value (31) which is outside of the x_list range.

my_spline_object = NaturalCubicSpline(x_list, y_list)
for interp_x_value in interp_x_points:
    interp_y_value = my_spline_object(interp_x_value)  # return a floating value
    print interp_y_value

Many Thanks

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