[SciPy-User] pythonxy scipy error win32

bruce.labitt@autoli... bruce.labitt@autoli...
Fri Apr 9 12:50:28 CDT 2010

Not sure how to diagnose this.  Looking to the list for some guidance.

Running scipy/numpy routines that use leastsq and svd.  The code runs fine 
(to completion - and generates plots) under Ubuntu9.10 x86-64. 

I am also testing the routines using Pythonxy bundle running on 
WinXP 32 bit. 
Installed plugins: CDT 6.0.1, cython 0.11.3, ETS 3.3.0, IPython 0.10.0, 
OpenGL 3.0.1a3, PIL 1.1.6, Photran 5.0.0, PyQt4 4.5.4, PyWavelets 0.1.6, 
Pydev 1.5.0, Qwt5 5.2.0, SciTE 2.01, WinMerge 2.12.4, console 2.0.144, itk 
3.16, jinja2 2.2.1, matplotlib 0.99.1, mdp 2.5, mingw 4.4.0, nose 0.11.1, 
numexpr 1.3.1, numpy 1.3.0, opencv 1.1pre1a, pp 1.5.7, psyco 1.6, py2exe 
0.6.9, pygments 1.1.1, pylint 0.18.1, pyreadline 1.5, py2win32 2.14, scipy 
0.7.1, spyder 1.0.1, swig 1.3.40, vpython 5.13, vtk 5.4.2, winpdb 1.4.6, 
wxPython, xlutils 1.4.1, xy 1.1.0

I am running in an IPython (mlab) session.  The routine runs a while, 
(outputting to the console) then the last message I get is: 

 ** On entry to ZGELSS parameter number 12 had an illegal value

Then the IPython session is terminated with no additional error messages. 
The IPython window merely reads: C:\Documents and 

Google reveals that ZGELSS is an interface to LAPACK.

If I run a Spyder session and execute from there, values are printed to 
the console then the Spyder application terminates and the entire Spyder 
Window vanishes.

Is this a Scipy Win32 issue or Pythonxy Win32 issue, neither, both ??? In, 
other words, which list do I post to?


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