[SciPy-User] ODR and full output puzzle

ms devicerandom@gmail....
Sat Apr 10 12:55:17 CDT 2010


I am using ODR for a program and I now would like to have the optional
attributes in the output from the fit, as described here (In particular,
I'd like to have the sum of squares error):


The documentation there says such parameters:

" [are] Present if odr() was run with "full_output=1"."

Well, problem is that nothing in the documentation (no examples,
nothing) mentions running odr(), that help(scipy.odr.odr) returns
nothing except a terse list of parameters, that no other documentation
is also available online about this function and in fact I do my fits
since years with ODR without having ever run odr(). All I can find on
the function is the bottom lines of this page:


which doesn't help a lot, as you can see.

Does anyone know what does this function do and how to obtain the full

Thanks a lot!

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