[SciPy-User] line/edge detection and output of coordinates.

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Fri Apr 16 02:40:50 CDT 2010

You could try Radon / Hough transforms - which give you the gradient intercept of the lines.


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   1. line/edge detection and output of coordinates. (Dharhas Pothina)


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Subject: [SciPy-User] line/edge detection and output of coordinates.
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I'm trying to do some line/edge detection in python. I've done some googling and found some mailing list archives that talked about ways to do edge detection but they seem to mainly return an image with the edges highlighted. What I need is x,y coordinates of the pixels that make up the lines. I've attached an image that shows a dark band on a light background. The final output I need would be line definitions in terms of a series of x,y coordinates for the upper light to dark interface and the lower dark to light interface of the band.

Any pointers on packages to use or ways to do this are highly appreciated.


- dharhas

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