[SciPy-User] scikits.timeseries: How to define frequency of15minutes

Matt Knox mattknox.ca@gmail....
Fri Apr 16 13:07:14 CDT 2010

Georges Schutz <georges.schutz <at> internet.lu> writes:

> I know that the underlying code is in C and that this is also the reason 
> of the fast runtime of this python modules what I appreciate of cause. 
> My initial question was if there exist a method to realize custom 
> frequencies which seems not being the case. Know the question is is 
> nobody else needing such a feature or is it somewhere on a todo list or 
> even someone already implemented it in a one extension.

This isn't on my to-do list, or Pierre's either so far as I know. Although I
certainly agree it is a useful feature. As far as major new features, I am
kind of waiting to see what transpires with the numpy datetime data type when
it matures a bit and then maybe see how we might integrate that into the time
series package, at which point it would also be useful to revisit this feature.

Of course, if a motivated individual put together a rock solid proposal for how
to incorporate this with the existing module and a patch as well, I'd be more
than happy to include it. But it obviously does require some C programming,
which significantly reduces the number of people that could put together such
a patch.

- Matt

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