[SciPy-User] numpy.array of mixed type.

Éric Depagne edepagne@lcogt....
Wed Apr 21 10:49:07 CDT 2010


I'd like to create an array that would contain data of two different types: 
str and float64.

I've created a dtype accordingly :
dt = dtype({'names': ['Type', 'Chisquare'], 'formats': ['S8', float64]})
then, I initialise my array as follow:
temp = zeros ((1,1), dtype = dt)

that gives me the following:
array([[('', 0.0)]],
      dtype=[('Type', '|S8'), ('Chisquare', '<f8')])

which is almost good.

I'd like to know if it is possible instead of having an array with one column 
that will contain a tuple, to create an array with two columns,  the first 
column being a str and the second a float.


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