[SciPy-User] [ANN] PythonToolkit (PTK) - open source, wxPython interactive environment

Charrett, Thomas t.charrett@cranfield.ac...
Fri Apr 30 15:38:04 CDT 2010

Hello all,
I would like to announce a interactive environment for python, PythonToolkit, or PTK, is loosely based on the MATLAB gui interface and is written in wxpython.:

It started life a personal project for use in day-to-day lab work and teaching (including myself) python so it is far from complete, but usable.
Key features:

- A console window with  support for muliple isolated python interpreters (engines) running as external processes,
- External (process) engines allow interactive use of GUI toolkits (currently wxPython and Tk)
- Full object inspection, auto-completions and call tips in internal and external engines.
- Matlab style namespace/workspace browser than can be extended/customised for different python types.
- GUI views for strings, unicode, lists and numpy arrays (more can be easily added)
- Python path management .
- A simple python code editor.
- Searchable command history that is stored between sessions.
- Extendible via a tool plugin system.

I would be interested in any comments/suggestion/feedback.



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