[SciPy-User] ROI, the sequel

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GDAL/OGR perhaps? www.gdal.org

Some semi-pseudo code below.

from osgeo import gdal,gdal_array,ogr
import numpy

# Open a polygon layer to rasterize from.
poly_ds = ogr.Open( some file dataset ) #Can also create an in-memory poly layer from scratch

# Create an in-memory raster to rasterize into
target_ds = gdal.GetDriverByName('MEM').Create( approriate args...)

gdal.RasterizeLayer( appropriate args... )
numpy_array = gdal_aray.DatasetReadAsArray(target_ds)

Then use the numpy_array as you lie.


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Hello list; 

I need a tool for polygon clipping of 2d NumPy arrays, but I cannot seem
to find anything. Shapely will only export the vertices of the polygon.
NXutils and patches in matplotlib seem to be purely visual, in any case
I cannot see how they would be saved as arrays in data coordinates. 

There is a very neat IDL routine, POYFILLV which returns a 1d array of
the (1d) indices of the pixels that are inside the polygon, sort of like
a "where" function. Is there anything like it out there for numpy



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