[SciPy-User] soft clipping values above... oh nevermind

Zachary Pincus zachary.pincus@yale....
Mon Aug 9 10:47:56 CDT 2010

I was told that at CMU once upon a time, the computer-science TAs  
would have a teddy bear outside their office, and before you could ask  
the TAs a question about a bug, you had to ask the bear. And darn if  
the teddy bear didn't answer about half of the questions...

Can anyone confirm this, which has got to be among my favorite  
probably-apocryphal stories?


On Aug 9, 2010, at 11:19 AM, Mr Nilsson wrote:

> Hi
> Ive been trying to figure out this mathematical expression for a
> while, but got stuck so thought maybe someone here could help me. but
> as I tried to write down the problem in a structured and easy to
> understand way, then I realised what I need to do to make it work lol
> thanks guys!
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