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> Dear All,
> help appreciated, thanks in advance.
> how do you fit a pdf you have with a given pdf (say gamma).
> with the file attached, you can go like:
> a=open("AC-010_ED-1m37F100P0.txt","rb")
> aa=a.read()
> aaa=aa[1:-1].split(",")
> data=[int(i) for i in aaa]
> if you do pylab.plot(data); pylab.show()
> The data is something like:
> ___|\___
> It is my pdf (probability density function).
> how can i find the right parameters to make that fit with a gamma?
> if i was looking for a normal pdf, for example, i would just find mean
> and std and ask for the pdf.
> i've been playing with scipy.stats.distributions.gamma but i have not
> reached anything.
> we can extend the discussion further, but this is a good starting point.
> any idea?

I am not familiar with the scipy.stats module, and so I do not know what 
it can do for you.  However, I would just generate a model gamma 
distribution from the mean and variance, just as for a normal 
distribution.  The gamma distribution equation can be written as

p(x) = p0/(b^a*Gamma(a))*x^(a-1)*exp(-x/b)

assuming x starts at zero (x>=0) 
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamma_distribution).  Then the the 
parameters a and b are related to the mean and variance by

a = mean^2/var
b = var/mean

(I did the algebra quickly just now, and so you might want to 
double-check).  p0 is the area under the distribution and may be simply 
1 if your distribution is normalized.

Hope this helps.


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