[SciPy-User] Installing issue with python 2.7, numpy 1.5.0b1 in my Mac

David david@silveregg.co...
Thu Aug 19 19:44:12 CDT 2010

On 08/20/2010 02:25 AM, Markus Hubig wrote:
> Hmm it seems SciPy don't like me at all ... ;-) Now the installation of
> numpy (the usual way
> without using pip) was OK (I have the numpy/core/lib/npy-pkg-config dir)
> but SciPy still fails
> to compile. But now I get gfortran and ln errors ... see:

Hm, this one looks annoying...

One temporary hack would be to disable ppc arch altogether in fortran, 
something like:

export  FFLAGS="-Wall -ffixed-form -fno-second-underscore -arch i686 
-arch x86_64 -fPIC -O3 -funroll-loops"
export LDFLAGS=" -Wall -arch i686 -arch x86_64 -Wall -undefined 
dynamic_lookup -bundle"

I don't have a mac to test this ATM, so you may have to tweak things a 
bit. The idea is to remove the -arch ppc64 flags which seem unsupported 
on recent mac os x version (do you use snow leopard by any chance ?)



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