[SciPy-User] Cross platform animated plot with widgets

Didrik Pinte dpinte@enthought....
Fri Aug 20 10:27:00 CDT 2010

 Le 13/08/2010 2:24, Emmett McQuinn a écrit :


I've been trying to create an animated plot with matplotlib that
supports parameter updating with a slider. I've been able to have
animation, and also create a slider (using matplotlib.widgets), but
not both at the same time. I've tried various permutations and it
seems exclusively either the graph animates or the widgets work and
not both. Is there a good method to provide a simple lightweight GUI
that provides both animation and sliders for Linux, Windows, and Mac?

 Hi Emmet,

You should take a look at Chaco. They are a some examples using a slider and
updating the content of the plot (can be much more complex than a slider
with for example a zoomable legend colorbar).

-- Didrik
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