[SciPy-User] [ANN] carray: an in-memory compressed data container

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Fri Aug 20 10:29:11 CDT 2010

 Announcing carray 0.1

What it is

carray is a container for numerical data that can be compressed
in-memory.  The compresion process is carried out internally by Blosc,
a high-performance compressor that is optimized for binary data.

Having data compressed in-memory can reduce the stress of the memory
subsystem.  The net result is that carray operations can be faster
than using a traditional ndarray object from NumPy.

What's new

Everything ;-) This is the first public release of carray, and it is
more a proof of concept to see which possibilities opens efficient
compression for in-memory data containers.

Currently carray 0.1 implements the basic container creation and
enlargeability.  Multidimensional arrays are not supported yet, and
elements cannot be modified either (i.e. no `__setitem__()` support).


Visit the main carray site repository at:

You can download a source package from:

Short tutorial:

Home of Blosc compressor:

Share your experience

Let us know of any bugs, suggestions, gripes, kudos, etc. you may



Francesc Alted
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