[SciPy-User] changing covariance factor in scipy.stats.kde.gaussian_kde

Carolin Villforth carovi@utu...
Mon Dec 6 12:47:12 CST 2010


I have a question concerning the usage of gaussian_kde. I am trying to change the covariance factor for the KDE, this is what I am doing it at the moment:

myKDE = scipy.stats.kde.gaussian_kde(data)
myKDE.covariance_factor = myKDE.silverman_factor

The last line seems to be necessary for the changes to take effect.

While the above code works, this might create quite an overhead since _compute_variance is executed twice, once in __init__ and then again after the covariance factor has been changed. If I understood correctly, this is not really necessary since silverman_factor does not depend on outputs from _compute_covariance. Also, I always assumed that one should avoid calling '._functions' from outside the class.

Is there another way to change the covariance factor?




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