[SciPy-User] ANN: Visvis v1.4 - The object oriented approach to visualization

Almar Klein almar.klein@gmail....
Mon Dec 20 15:29:02 CST 2010

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce release 1.4 of Visvis - The object oriented
approach to visualization.

Visvis is a pure Python library for visualization of 1D to 4D data in an
object oriented way. Essentially, visvis is an object oriented layer of
Python on top of OpenGl, thereby combining the power of OpenGl with the
usability of Python. A Matlab-like interface in the form of a set of
functions allows easy creation of objects (e.g. plot(), imshow(), volshow(),

website: http://code.google.com/p/visvis/
Discussion group: http://groups.google.com/group/visvis/
Documentation: http://code.google.com/p/visvis/wiki/Visvis_basics


=== Release notes ===

Much work has been done since the previous release. Visvis has made a few
important steps towards maturity. Also, Visvis is now BSD-licensed.

The scenes are now automatically redrawn when an object's property is
changed, and the Axes objects buffer their contents so they can redraw much
faster when nothing has changed (for example when using multiple subplots).

Using new functions movieRead and movieWrite, movies can be imported and
exported to/from animated GIF, SWF (flash), AVI (needs ffmpeg), and a series
of images. Visvis now uses guisupport.py, enabling seamless integration in
the IEP and IPython interactive event loops.

Furthermore, many docstrings have been improved and so has the script that
creates the online API documentation from them. Several examples have been
added and all examples are now available via the website (including images
and animations).
See here <http://code.google.com/p/visvis/wiki/releaseNotes>fore more.

PS: what happened to the mailing list? Was it down for a few days?
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