[SciPy-User] weired results with ode solver

Warren Weckesser warren.weckesser@enthought....
Sat Feb 6 12:58:27 CST 2010

Oz Nahum wrote:

> from pylab import *
> plot(timerange/86400, c[:,0], 'bo')
> plot(timerange/86400, c[:,1], 'go')
> plot(timerange/86400, c[:,2], 'ko')
> show()
> A line plot would be nice.


To get a line plot, just change the style arguments of the plot 
functions.  E.g.:

plot(timerange/86400.0, c[:,0], 'b')
plot(timerange/86400.0, c[:,1], 'g')
plot(timerange/86400.0, c[:,2], 'k')

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