[SciPy-User] convertin from octave/ matlab to scipy

eat e.antero.tammi@gmail....
Fri Feb 19 13:17:31 CST 2010

> I often translate matlab functions with a simple structure (even if
> the calculation is complicated) quite literally to python/numpy/scipy.
> However, for the big structure and control flow using, for example,
> classes is a huge advantage compared to matlab. (Although matlab is
> also improving its support of classes, which I haven't used yet.)

I think matlab has improved a lot lately with OOP. Unfortunately octave hasn't 
been able to catch matlab in this respect. They just released 3.2.x with OOP 
support comparable with matlab some 5 years ago. (Basically you need to create 
each class in separate directory with lot of boilerplate code).

Also data visualization with octave doesn't just rock.

> A good book for python (for scienc) that uses numpy is very helpful.
> And I found and still find it very informative to read code written by
> others.

I'll agree. It's just your previous posts that motivates me to browse more and 
gives me the confident that scipy/ python is worthwhile to study. It seems 
that octave/ matlab do have a more specific (or narrow) scope than scipy/ 
python. I'm allready confident that learning scipy/ python pays dividens in 
long run.

> Good luck,
> Josef

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