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Sun Feb 21 16:00:30 CST 2010


Since after Robert Kern showed http://advice.mechanicalkern.com/ on SciPy09
there are many similar initiatives that uses stackoverflow.com (SO) layout.
Some smart guys come up with this site http://stackexchange.com/ to those
who want to have a simple but a paid solution.

I don't have an intention of creating controversial discussion. It just to
my eyes SO has a very appealing and easy to use interface and it's getting
some number of posts related to scientific Python tools. I usually suggest
my friends to use the mailing lists first and SO for their questions. Some
prefer mailing lists some not. Mailing lists require more steps to get in
however SO register step is much easier due to OpenID logging.

Without belabouring further, It would be good to link R. Kern's advice site
to either ask.scipy or advice.scipy or another alternative to attract
new-comers easily. I am more in favor of the ask.scipy.org option. Thus I
can refer the people (hear I mean mostly non-programmers or
students/programmers without Python experience), simply to go
ask.scipy.orgfor their first questions instead of telling them to
search answers at many
different mediums.

What do you think?

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