[SciPy-User] data smoothing by regularization

Jonathan Stickel jjstickel@vcn....
Mon Feb 22 12:00:52 CST 2010

There has been some recent discussions on the list about interpolation 
and smoothing.  I have recently implemented a regularization method to 
smooth 1-dimensional (y vs. x) data.  Although the method is analogous 
to spline-based smoothing that already exists in Scipy and my code is 
currently limited to 1D, I have implemented some useful features, 
specifically generalized cross-validation for determining the 
regularization parameter and the ability to add constraints to the 
smooth result.  Would there be enough interest for me to contribute my 
code to Scipy?  How would I go about doing so?  Please know that I am 
new to the scipy community.


For further reading, see:


If you do not have access to the journal, you may email me offlist.

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