[SciPy-User] TimeSeries and Milliseconds for aircraft data

Chris Jesse chris.jesse@flightdataservices....
Tue Feb 23 03:35:08 CST 2010

Hi All, 

I've got lots of timeseries data from aircraft sensors (such as altitude, temperatures, landing gear up/down, airspeed..) which I was hoping to load into a timeseries array. However, I've just read that it only supports time resolutions down to a second. Is there a solution for my data which contains samples from hundreds of different parameters at different frequencies from 8Hz to 1/64Hz over an 8 hour period? 

I need to be able to interpolate between values, mask values when samples are corrupt / outside of operational boundaries and store values as accurately to the nearest 1/16th of a second if possible. 

Your help is much appreciated! Thanks, 

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