[SciPy-User] Vector comparison

eric@depagn... eric@depagn...
Wed Feb 24 17:44:26 CST 2010

Hi all, 

I have two sets of vectors, one made of 3-dim vectors and the other one of 4-
dims vectors.

I want to find for each of my 3D vectors (let's call them the input vector), 
which one, among my 4D vectors (let's call them my models), has the 3 first 
coordinates that are the closest of my input vector, so that i can assign to 
my input vector the 4th dimension taken from the models.

I am currently maximizing the cosine of two vectors, but I was wondering if 
scipy had some more clever routines, that could for instance take into account 
measurement errors for my vectors.

Thanks a lot.


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