[SciPy-User] spline interpolation and matplotlib interaction

Fabricio Silva silva@lma.cnrs-mrs...
Sat Jan 9 12:22:39 CST 2010

Hello folks,
has anyone ever thought of a piece of code that
- use a parametrization of a function with B-splines, i.e. with knots
and coefficients,
- let a user manipulate this parametrization through matplotlib (and
event handling mechanisms) ?

Within a scientific app, I would like to be able to handle simplified
representation of time-varying quantities that could be obtained from
measurement or from academic signals. I thought scipy.interpolation
module could help me in such a way :
- measurement of time signals
- using splrep to least-square fitting and identification of knots and
coefficients (with respect to a smoothing factor and a polynomial order)
- checking : show the approximated function with matplotlib and let the
user manually modify the control points.

It seems that I have not the sufficient understanding of b-splines as
the values output by splrep look strange even if the result of splev is

Fabrice Silva
Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics (CNRS, UPR 7051)

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