[SciPy-User] Issues with lfilter after version upgrade

Richard Lyon rchrdlyon1@gmail....
Sat Jan 16 09:33:32 CST 2010



Been successfully using scipy to run various signal processing 
simulations. Recently upgraded python, numpy and scipy. Now find lfilter 
in signal processing appears to crash the python interpreter.


Window Vista
python 2.6.4
pywin32 214
numpy 1.4.0
scipy 0.7.1

The following code crashes

from numpy import zeros
from scipy.signal import lfilter

print 'Testing lfilter'
B = [ +9.9416310E-01, -1.9883262E+00, +9.9416310E-01 ]
A = [ +1.0000000E+00, -1.9882920E+00, +9.8836030E-01 ]
z = zeros(2)
x0 = zeros(80)
# fails on this next line
(x1, z) = lfilter(B, A, x0, -1, z)
print 'Finished'

Haven't seen any other problems yet.


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