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gintare statkute g.statkute@gmail....
Sun Jan 24 03:22:07 CST 2010


3) The same message. 0: NFLOP=0, tim=0.000000
and endless instaliation happenes with *.tar.gz from

I am installing without F77, since in Lapack installation help it was
written that i should remove all f77 compiler and use F95 instead.

There are empty lines in "Make.Linux_Debian86SSE2_2", which i left unfilled.
This file "Make.Linux_Debian86SSE2_2" is generated automaticallly
during ATLAS make in command line with user prompt.
#  ------------------------------------
#  Reference and system libraries
#  ------------------------------------
   BLASlib =
   FBLASlib =
   FLAPACKlib =
   LIBS = -lpthread -lm
#  ----------------------------------------------------------
#  ATLAS install resources (include arch default directories)
#  ----------------------------------------------------------
   MMDEF =

4) One more repository:
apt-get can not access src from it.

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From: gintare statkute <g.statkute@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2010 23:03:25 +0200
Subject: ATLAS
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I can not install ATLAS and would like to ask if i could get from
somebody working and installable version of ATLAS.

1) In tar archives, which i download from http://math-atlas.sourceforge.net/
(tried sevral different versions) - in the ./configure step header
files are missing in source directory, i.e. in folders which i
downloaded in tar format.

2) In tar archives, which i download from
installaiton do not stop. I left it for 5 hours and installation
continues with message. 0: NFLOP=0, tim=0.000000
without errors.

My OS is linux.
I posted to ATLAS newsgroup about missing header files. Nevertheless most
probably people in this scipy group have installed ATLAS and i could borriw
*.tar.bz2 file form them.


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