[SciPy-User] [SciPy-user] help about lfilter ????

persia m.abdollahi@gmail....
Thu Jan 28 18:51:58 CST 2010

lfilter is the linear filtering function in the scipy.signal module. can
someone tell me what is wrong with this function please ?

I used this function in the following way and it gave me that error !! :

In [204]:
<type 'exceptions.ValueError'>            Traceback (most recent call last)

<type 'exceptions.ValueError'>: linear_filter not available for this type

why is it so ??!!!! what is wrong with this "type " ? what is it meant by
this type anyway ?! i tried with the same arguments in matlab with the
corresponding function and it worked !!
and if i multiply the second argument vector say by .4, this will happen : 


(array([   -5.625     ,   -23.28125   ,   -68.7890625 ,  -148.40820312,
        -312.44384766,  -633.16711426, -1276.37466431, -2557.71900177,
 array([-10242.1544385 ,  -7682.56612301]))

see ? no problem then ?!! isnt this wierd ? please help !

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