[SciPy-User] R: [ANN] NLopt, a nonlinear optimization library, now with Python interface

Steven G. Johnson stevenj@alum.mit....
Tue Jul 6 23:24:54 CDT 2010

enrico avventi wrote:
> i wanted to try out your library but the configure process won't find
> the header arrayobject.h and thus won't compile the bindings.
> where am i supposed to put that header?
> as my distro (Archlinux) doesn't seem to install the numpy headers i 
> tried to copy them manually. so far i tried:

I don't know anything about Archlinux.  On my (Debian) system, the numpy 
headers are installed under


It sounds like the directory you put it under should be okay, but 
perhaps you screwed up something else in your NumPy installation (e.g. 
you are missing other header files, or....).  Whenever you find yourself 
copying header files around manually, you are usually making a 
mistake...it would really be much better if you figure out what package 
in your distro is supposed to include the header files.

You can look in the config.log file generated by the configure script in 
order to find the exact compiler error message that caused #include 
<numpy/arrayobject.h> to fail.

Steven G. Johnson

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