[SciPy-User] [newbie] how to compare two datasets

ben h tonightwedrink@hotmail....
Tue Jul 13 02:00:23 CDT 2010

The datasets are borehole data - so they have borehole name, depth, and a value. 
Each borehole has two datasets - one real, one modelled.
I want to compare the values between them for each depth in modelled dataset (lower resolution / fewer samples).
If there is no matching depth in real dataset I want to linearly interpolate between nearest values.
Comparison to be quite simple at first, difference between values, and stats for entire set of differences. 

example data (depth, value):
0 15.5
-10 17.0
-20 18.5
-30 20.0

0 16.5
-1 16.6
-2 16.6
-655 55.3

Not having used python much, i don't know best data structure (dictionary? sequence? list?), or if there are helpful things in SciPy to help this come together (stats, methods for comparing datasets like these, linear interp methods?).

Looking for inspiration and pointers!

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