[SciPy-User] one-sided gauss fit -- or: how to estimate backgound noise ?

Sebastian Haase seb.haase@gmail....
Thu Jul 15 15:39:33 CDT 2010

In image analysis one is often faced with (often unknown) background
levels (offset) + (Gaussian) background noise.
The overall intensity histogram of the image is in fact often Gaussian
(Bell shaped), but depending on how many (foreground) objects are
present the histogram shows a positive tail of some sort.

So, I just got the idea if there was a function (i.e. mathematical
algorithm) that would allow to fit only the left half of a Gaussian
bell curve to data points !?
This would have to be done in a way that the center, the variance (or
sigma) and the peak height are free fitting parameters.

Any help or ideas are appreciated,
Sebastian Haase

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