[SciPy-User] matrix product over row or column

alind sharma alind_sap@yahoo....
Sun Jul 25 12:09:36 CDT 2010

Hi all,
I have a sparse lil_matrix. I want to get the product over rows/column. Whats 
the best way to achive that. I tried searching but unable to find a straight 
forward function to do that in scipy.sparse. Though we have lil_matirx.sum(dim), 
but no such thing for product.

Suppose i have
[[1, 1, 2],
[2, 3, 5],
[9, 0, 1 ]]

I want answer as in case of over rows: [18, 0, 10] and in case of over colums : 
[2, 30, 0]

Thanks in advance,

 Alind Sharma

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