[SciPy-User] SciPy ODE integrator

David Pine djpine@gmail....
Mon Jul 26 11:46:58 CDT 2010

Is there a SciPy ODE integrator that does adaptive stepsize integration AND produces output with the adaptive time steps intact?

The standard SciPy ODE integrator seems to be scipy.integrate.odeint and its simpler cousin scipy.integrate.ode.  These work just fine but  both take a user-specified time series and returns the solution at those points only.  Often, I prefer to have a more classic adaptive stepsize integrator that returns the solution at time steps determined by the integrator (and the degree of desired precision input by the user).  This is often the most useful kind of solution because it tends to produce more points where the solution is varying rapidly and fewer where it is not varying much.  A classic Runge-Kugga adaptive stepsize ODE solver does this as to many others, but I can't find a nice implementation in SciPy or NumPy.  Please advise.  Thanks.


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